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"Te Gustaria Algo Nuevo Para Tu Quincenera"


The Story of How He Became "El Electrico"

Well hello there im El Electrico my name is Xavier Martinez . You mite know me by My YouTube Videos or when from Unuvison, mun2, Desprirta America . But im The one Who came out with the idea of putting Lights on boots, pants, hat, shoes, bracelets. I Got this idea like 8 months ago . But this i didnt start it like this !!! The Story is 8 months ago i was going to "YouTube" to see if somebody would show how to Dance "Tribal" and the only videos that acame up was the people from Mexico! and i thought to my self wait thats not how i seen people dance tirbal in Dallas, TX .

 So i Decide it to my self im going to make my own tribal videos!!!

"And this is the first Video i made and put it on YouTube on Uploaded by on Jul 17, 2010"

  "This video didnt get Viewed a lot till like 3 months later"


And 3 Months Later when my Videos were getting popuplar on YouTube and people Starting to Wacth them .Thats when i came up with the idea i Said to my self "Hey how would it look if i put ligts on my boots and pants .

And This Is The Video i Made it and put it on "YouTube" on Uploaded by on Sep 11, 2010

And This Video gets viewed like 100 Times A Day

El Electrico!!!



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